Travel Goals

On my own

On my time

With the itinerary

All mine




Every bit of the picturesque surrounding

Fancy hotel

Sumptuous dinner

Wine instead of water

And a desert worth 10 dollar

On my own

On my time

With the itinerary

All mine


The Unending Quest!!

Finding solace in solitude
Away from the chaos and cacophony of the city
Spending hours ruminating
Oh now the clock cannot be wound back

These fellas
These urban loafers
Perpetually pursuing
Their ambiguous goals

Aflame in this mad fervor
Grabbing chunks of modern monstrosities
Of inestimable value

Material beings in quest
Of things Indistinguishable
That’s life this exemplified
Built on an artificial baseline

Ohh fit me in please
Squeaks a tiny voice
Acceding to the apparent
Paramount peer pressure

Joining the bandwagon
Patronizing the other side
Conveniently forgetting
The old struggle days

Island in the sun

As the waves touched the shore

Holding her hands he was sure

I’ll love you forever he swore

She was the one he would stand for

She was the one he adore

Forever and more

His words echoed in her dreams

His charm cheered her like a beam

His love was her theme


Oh the delicate threads of life
Once broken hard to mend
Tangling untangling restructuring
The different phases of our lives
From shades to sunshine
And sunshine to shades
These moments in transition
Well back and forth